Building Committee Update - Sept. 8, 2022


During the last two weeks, SpawGlass has continued replacing damaged sections of the subfloor in the Historic Church. The old finished floor has all been removed, with some pieces salvaged for re-installation in the chancel area. The early 1900’s flooring had aged to a distinct red-orange hue. When it was new, it would have looked more like the natural-toned samples being considered by our architects, Ford, Powell, & Carson. We will be using new oak flooring material as nearly like the old as possible.

What’s next: scaffolding is beginning to go up around the Bethell Hall addition, in preparation for replacement of the fogged worship space windows, work planned to go forward on weekdays without disturbing Sunday worship.

Exterior storm windows on the Historic Church will be removed and protection put in place for the stained-glass windows. Exterior work to replace the stucco on the west wall will then begin, to be done in successive five-foot vertical sections. The original rubble wall will be reinforced with a metal mesh system beneath the restored stucco. Our historic designations require the rebuilt exterior to look exactly like the old.


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