Renovation Update


The photo above shows the repaired subfloor ready for the new oak finished floor. The raised area of the chancel has already received its finished floor (not yet stained), using salvaged wood from the demolished 1901 floor.

Painting is mostly complete, with details still to be added on the wainscot at the bottom section of the walls, the faux granite chancel columns, and the architraves over the restored gothic arches. Some of the new light fixtures have been installed; the chandeliers will go back in their adjusted locations at the triangular brackets in the ceiling.

At left is the newly restored “Broken Column” window. The new, moveable organ console will slide into its old spot at the left side of the chancel. Surviving decorative stenciling from the 1880’s (on the blue wall behind the altar) will be preserved pending a decision on future restoration; in the meantime, the former damask curtain will be re-hung behind the reredos.


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