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The Environmental Guild conducts a variety of initiatives to enhance the sustainability of the St. David’s campus (being a certified Green Sanctuary, recycling of items through the lobby bins, maintaining the landscaping as a nationally Certified Wildlife Habitat in the center of the city); sponsoring occasional Christian Formation programs to foster eco-awareness; maintaining beehives at Barking Dog Ranch and selling honey when harvested; and other activities to promote thoughtful environmental stewardship of God’s creation. Our annual Creation Care Fair highlights sustainable practices and helps fund our activities.

Within the Environmental Guild, the Garden Committee is a hands-on group that helps maintain the church’s native flowering landscapes by weeding, planting, mulching on an as-needed basis.

When you enjoy a cup of coffee from a real mug in Sumners Hall, thank the Environmental Guild. Getting rid of Styrofoam cups was the group’s first project after it was formed in 2003. And the solar array on our garage roof, which supplies up to 75% of the church’s electricity, was the result of a 10-year-long effort by the Environmental Guild and church staff.

New members are always welcome to join us, and current members are encouraged to be as active as possible. We meet approximately quarterly, on an as-needed basis. We are resuming in-person meetings in the Guild Room on Sundays at 12:30 p.m.

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