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The St. David’s Ramp Build Team is part of the Texas Ramp Build Project, Travis County region. There are approximately 6 build teams in our region and since 2006 the Texas Ramp Project has expanded into 40 Texas regions from Texarkana to El Paso and Amarillo to McAllen. The St David’s Ramp Project began in 2017 and we have completed well over 30 builds.

Team organizers are Rex Hunt and Chef Ray Trono. Our team of volunteers build ramps monthly on Saturdays at the homes of clients with mobility challenges. The build locations are determined by our region’s coordinators who work with various social service agencies in the region. Our builds are scheduled for 1 to 2 months out.

We always need volunteers, no experience necessary or tools required. This is an extremely rewarding and fun community involvement opportunity. We often take for granted the quality of life, being able to move easily in and out of home brings until you see what it is like when someone can’t.


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